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Covid Support – PPE distribution to ambulance drivers

Picture of Water Center 21 Pahal

Water Center 21 Pahal

Covid Support

June 21, 2021, Madi Rural Municipality, Nepal

During the global Covid pandemic, many health and support workers were in a horrific situation to protect themselves due to lack of PPEs, hygiene and sanitation kits, etc. to serve covid effective people during the emergency responses. Five ambulance drivers of Madi Rural Municipality were also affected.

In coordination with Deputy Mayor and Baghauda hospital, with their limited resources Water Center 21 PAHAL donated the PPEs & hygiene and sanitation kits to the five ambulance drivers to protect themselves. The fund was raised by the founding members.

All materials donated by PAHAL were handed over by Tara Kaji Mahato, the Deputy Mayor, of Madi Rural Municipality to the five ambulance drivers.

All drivers were happy to receive the materials and told us that these materials would definitely help them to protect themselves while on duty during emergency responses.

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