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Who we are

We are a not-for-profit company registered in the Company Registrar Office of the Government of Nepal on 28th November 2021 under the Companies act 2006. We are also registered in the Social Welfare Council of the government of Nepal.

No lives exist on earth without water. Water is a precious natural resource needed for all human, plant & animal life. We treat water programs and initiatives as a linkage or entry point for connection and development. We see water as a means to drive social and economic change.

Our Vision

“To be established as a center of excellence in South Asia for achieving a transformative social change to restore social value and morality by providing solutions and linking water with life and development.”

Our Main objectives


To understand linkages

To understand linkages between water and different aspects of life & development and finding and reinforcing the positive linkages.


To understand complementarity and competition

To understand complementarity and competition amongst different water uses and promote a structured learning and action research on these aspects.


To study and undertake the programmes

To study and undertake the programmes on technical, social, and economic innovations to support water conservation, improve water quality, water use efficiency and water management & governance.

Meet our team


Mr. Suman Prasad Sharma

Mr. Sharma has nearly four decades of policy level experience spending on higher positions of Government of Nepal. He retired as Secretary  of the Ministry of the Government of Nepal in 2017. He has worked as Secretary in different Ministries like Communication, Finance, Energy, Peace and Reconstruction of the Government of Nepal. Being Secretary of different Ministries, he has brought abundance cross cutting policy experiences. Prior to that he has served as Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Physical Planning to provide planning and programming support to Roads, Building and Water and Sanitation Infrastructure, Regional Administrator in Western Region & Financial Controller of Government of Nepal. He has also led different national level projects as  Director General of Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, Project Manager of Kathmandu Valley Water and Wastewater Improvement Project & Executive Director of Melamchi Water Supply Development Board.

Mr Sharma is one of the founding members of the Water Center 21 PAHAL and has led the organization as Chairperson since its establishment. Presently, he is a Policy Advisor at World Bank/ ADB & Advisor at SOPHEN. He has a Master of Engineering, Environmental Technology and Management, AIT, Thailand.

He has a keen interest in policy, development, interlinking development for multiplied benefits, water, and sanitation, etc.

Board of Director

Mrs. Mandira Shrestha

Dr. Mandira Singh Shrestha has over 25 years of research experience that cover broad areas of climate services, disaster risk reduction and water resources management. Her research interest center on transboundary flood forecasting and monitoring, application of satellite-based products, early warning systems and end user engagement for reduced risks and increased resilience. Her current research focuses on localizing climate services for Agriculture and Tourism, communication of early warning to the last mile and institutional capacity building in Future Climate Change Projections. She coordinated the development of a web based regional flood information system in the Himalayan region where the countries share real-time data and information for flood risk reduction thereby strengthening regional cooperation. Ms. Shrestha currently works with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIOMOD) in the MENRIS department as Programme Coordinator. Her areas of expertise are in water resources management, disaster risk reduction, hydrology and hydraulics. She holds a Doctor of Engineering from the University of Kyoto, Japan, Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. She is one of the founding members of the Water Center 21 PAHAL.

Board of Director

Mr. Achyut Luitel

Achyut has achieved over three decades of experience in the development sector gaining practical knowledge in different kinds of rural infrastructure and livelihood programmes. He has acquired engineering as well as Social Sciences academic degrees. He started his career in the government sector, but soon moved to the development sector. He entered into development sector with Helvetas, a Swiss NGO and led three different water projects at different times until 2000, and at the later stage piloted a programme based on Integrated Water Resources Management Approach. He was part of the core team involved in the design of a transport and livelihood programme of DFID in 2000-2001. Later he continued in implementation of same programme as Deputy Team Leader in the beginning and later as Team Leader until early 2006. He joined Practical Action, a UK based INGO as the Country Director of Nepal Programme in March 2006; and became South Asia Regional Director from 2012 till date. He has also served as the Chairperson of Association of INGOs working in Nepal (AIN), a network of about 150 INGOs working in Nepal between 2010 and 2012, and 2019 to 2021. He has also served as the adviser of Disaster Preparedness Network (DPNet) of Nepal. He is also steering committee member of Duryog Nibaran, a South Asia Regional Network on DRR. He has been the key note speaker in several regional conventions and seminars in climate change, disaster risk reduction and development management issues organised in Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. He is one of the founding members of the Water Center 21 PAHAL.

Board of Director

Mrs. Shashi Basnet KC

Shashi Basnet KC is a freelance blogger/writer. She writes on contemporary issues happening around her with focus on development, diaspora, immigration, woman’s rights and family issues. She is one of the founder members of the organization Water Center 21.

She is trained as a Geologist and holds Masters’ degrees in Geology (Nepal) and Public Administration (USA). She is also a certified diamontologist”

Board of Director

Mr. Rajiv Joshi

Mr. Joshi has  over three decades of experience working with various organizations like DWSSM, NWSC, KUKL, PID/ADB, and KVWSMB in planning, designing, construction supervision and rehabilitation of WASH projects in rural and urban areas. He retired as Director of the Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management Board (KVWSMB) in 2019.  During his career with different organizations, he has enhanced  his expertise specially in WASH sector through academic study, training programs and seminars/workshops in home country as well abroad like USA, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore , Cambodia, Philippines, India, and Thailand.

He also presently serves as Chairperson of the ENPHO, & ITP SUWAS Alumni & General Secretary/Project Director at SOPHEN. His areas of expertise are advocacy and capacity building through training and coaching, excellent networking, and coordination skills to establish a strong functional relationship with like-minded stakeholders, planning, designing and management skills to implement water projects. He has also worked as an efficient Training Coordinator and Resource Person in various technical training programs with NTH and NORAD, Norway.

Mr. Joshi is a well-versed Senior Water and Sanitation Engineer graduated from IIT Roorkee, India and Post Graduate Study from IHE Delft, The Netherlands and from NIRAS Academy, Sweden. He is one of the founding members & Board of Director of the Water Center 21 PAHAL.

Board of Director

Dr. Dinesh Raj Manandhar

Dr. Dinesh Raj Manandhar has over 35 years of Policy, Research and Consulting experience in the field of water supply, solid waste management, sanitary engineering, and climate change at national and international levels. He has worked for the Government of Nepal, UN Habitat and has consulting experiences with Asian Development Bank, World Bank funded projects, WHO funded consulting, Private sectors, Academia and NGO sector in Urban and Rural WASH sector. He has worked as Project Manager of Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) project  of 5M USD under UN-Habitat Nepal with WSSCC as Executive Agency from January 2011 till January 2012. He has worked as an expert for DIM-SUM under EU 6th Framework with SOPHEN during 2006-2009. He has work experience as Executive Director at Ethicons Pvt. Ltd. He has held positions of board member and chairman of the company during 2016-2019. He is also associated with the School of Geomatics and was board member (2015-2019) and Chairman (2018-2019). He was visiting faculty at the Kathmandu University, Nepal teaching solid waste to Bachelor and Master level students for the year 2007-2013. He has worked as an international expert in Ghana, Sweden, Thailand, Sierra Leone and Timor-Leste.

His area of expertise are mainly in the field of water safety planning, solid waste management (design and planning for urban cities), technical aspects of water and sanitation systems, master plans, training design and planning, guidelines and module development, standards and guidelines of solid and hazardous waste, rainwater harvesting, sewage standards, water safety plan and water quality, ecological sanitation, rainwater harvesting, water treatment, water quality issues, facilitation of workshops, seminars, organizing conferences, project management, project development and policy formulations. He has done various research works and peer reviewed the papers in journals.

He has completed his PhD from Kathmandu University in 2015 and Master of Engineering, from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok in 2000.

He has a keen interest in working with the volunteering sector for social causes. He has served in various positions with the Rotary International District 3292 Nepal Bhutan. He currently holds the position of District Secretary of District 3292.


Board of Director & CEO

Mr. Guneshwar Mahato

Mr. Guneshwar Mahato, a civil engineer by profession, is one of the founder members and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Water Center 21 PAHAL. He holds a Master’s degree in Water Resources Management from Germany.  He has gained more than 20 years of work experience in water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH), water resources planning and management, solar energy use in water supply and irrigation, water purification, collaboration with local governmental bodies, water entrepreneurship, and project development. Mr. Mahato has also gained international exposure by visiting the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Thailand, and Uganda.
Board of Director

Mr. Binod Bahadur Karmacharya

Mr. Karmacharya is a doctoral researcher at the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), University of Westminster, London UK. He is currently working on a sanitation and hygiene communication and media policy research project. He has worked over a decade with different organizations including Government of Nepal (Department of Water Supply & Sewerage, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Board) and international non- governmental organizations (United Mission to Nepal, a charity & Helvetas, a swiss INGO) in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene sector in Nepal. He holds both sociology and civil engineering academic degrees. He is one of the founding members of the Water Center 21 PAHAL & has a keen interest in charity works to uplift the livelihood of deprived & underprivileged people and research work in development communication specifically related to water, sanitation & hygiene.


Social Mobilizer

Hima Kumari Mahato

Hima Kumari Mahato presently works as a Social Mobilizer. She holds a 10+2 education. She has very good experience in social mobilization in community development projects especially in health, hygiene, and sanitation.
Field Coordinator

Srijana Thapa

Srijana Thapa presently works as a Field Coordinator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in public health and studying master’s degree in Rural Development. She has good experience working in the field of community development, especially in health-related projects.