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Amarauli Solar Powered Irrigation Project

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Water Center 21 Pahal

(Rotary GG GG2345428)

Under the Amrauli Model Village concept “Health Home: Prosperous Village by 2030”, a solar-powered irrigation project will be implemented in the Amarauli village, Ward no 4, Madi
municipality in partnership with Rotary Club of Narayangarh (RCN). The Rotary Global Grant
2345428 was initiated by RCN with 7 international partners, Rotary Club of Enniskillen, Ballymoney,
Banbridge, Comber, Donaghadee Carrickfergus, and Newtonabbey of Northern Ireland, Rotary
District 1160,. Water Center 21 Pahal will act as a cooperating partner to implement this project. A
separate MoU was signed between International, Host & Cooperating partners for the effective
implementation of the project. Pahal will provide expertise, infrastructure, advocacy, training,
education, or other support for the grant.

Below are the major responsibilities of Pahal.
a. Implementation and technical support to the project
b. Joint monitoring and evaluation of the project
c. Reporting to RCN

This global grant project aims to address improved access to all year-round available irrigation to
increase the agricultural production of at least 150 families of Amarauli, Biranchi and Khairahani
villages in Madi municipality, Chitwan, Nepal. After the project, the irrigation water will be available
for at least 300,000 square meters of land in Amarauli catchment, this water will be used for two
times (early paddy and monsoon paddy) paddy harvesting, vegetables farming, fish ponds and other
micro-irrigation. At present, the farmers of Amarauli are totally dependent on the rain-fed irrigation
for four months of the monsoon period (June- September).
There are four components in the project:

  1. Drilling a deep bore well,
  2. Solar pumping system,
  3. Commercial farming and
  4. Market value chain establishment and the capacity building of the farmers/ operators.

    The drilling works and solar irrigation pumping will be at 4 locations to cover the entire cultivable
    land of Amarauli by irrigation. The deep bore wells will be 8-10 inches in diameter and 100 meters
    deep on average. Each solar pump will be 7.5-10 HP capacity which can draw groundwater
    of approximately 300,000 litres per day. More than 170 farmers will be capacitated for the commercial
    farming of fish/ vegetables and 1-2 pump operators will be trained for the daily operations/
    problems shooting of the solar pumps.

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