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MoU signing with Japan Water Forum(Jhimirethok WASH Project)

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Water Center 21 Pahal

The Memorandum of Understanding between Japan Water Forum (JWF) and Water Center 21 PAHAL was signed in May 2023. JWF will contribute US$4000 (NPR 524,564.00) for the implementation of Jhimirethok Water Supply and Sanitation (WASH) Project in Jhimirethok village, Myagde rural municipality, Tanahu district, Gandaki province, Nepal. This is JWF’s 16th Darvish Yu Water Fund project. In addition, the Myagde rural municipality will contribute 400 USD (52,000). The project is expected to be completed in December 2023.

Initially, WASH project was implemented by Myagde RM in 2020. But the system did not work due to the unavailability of the electricity supply. Villagers are forced to fetch the water from traditional waterspouts for drinking water.  It takes an average one to two hours round trip to fetch water, and the water from the spouts is contaminated.  The problem was identified during the preparation of the WASH plan of Myage RM with the technical assistance of PAHAL.


For the implementation of the project, A local Water Users and Sanitation Committee (WUSC) of 7 members was formed. Out of 7, 3 are female members. The chairperson of this committee is from Dalit community. A tripartite agreement is signed between WUSC, Myagde RM & PAHAL.

A masonry intake structure was built to collect the water from the spring. The existing non-functional sump well and pipeline were repaired to collect the water from the intake. A 2HP Solar pump was installed to lift the water from the sump well to the uphill storage tank and distribute water to the community at the household level. The existing non-functional distribution pipeline was repaired as needed and 22 tap stands were constructed to make a yard connection in each household.

A total of 22 households (47 men, 51 women and 36 children, 134 in total) benefitted from this project. Now, a total population of 134 have facilities of safe drinking water in their household and the total time to fetch water has been significantly saved.

Both pre and post-construction training for the WUSC member were already completed. They have recruited Mr Basu Dev Thapa as a Village Maintenance Worker (VMW) to look after the project and carry out minor repair and maintenance work. One day Operation & Maintenance and on-the-job training were provided to him. WUSC has decided to pay a salary of NRs1500/month to him. He has worked as a volunteer for a month. WUSC has decided to collect a water tariff of NRs.100 per household per month which will be enough to pay the salary for the VMW.  A total amount of  NRs 5500  O & M fund so far raised.  Out of which they have spent NRs. 500 to purchase stationery and NRs 5000 deposited in the bank.

Sanitation awareness campaigns were carried out in the community. Out of 22 households, 1 does not have a toilet. One toilet is under construction and the pan for the toilet has been donated by a Rotarian of Rotary Club of Narayangarh.

On 26 July 2023, during the Public Policy, Programme & Budget announcement day for this year, Myagde  Rural Municipality awarded an appreciation letter to Water Center 21 Pahal for the effective completion of the project earlier than the scheduled date and their excellent work. On 7th August 2023, the project was inaugurated and handed over to the community,

A final commissioning visit from Water Center 21 Pahal will be carried out soon. It will also arrange to test the water quality at the field and laboratory soon.


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