Water Center 21
Pahal "पहल"

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Khairahani School WASH Project

Student using tapstand
Picture of Water Center 21 Pahal

Water Center 21 Pahal

1st June 2023, Madi Rural Municipality, Nepal

A School WASH project with joint financial aid from the Columba Community, Nothern Ireland and Laxmi Bank, HakimChowk branch, Bharatpur is completed now. A total amount NRs 210,000 was spent to supply safe drinking water to all buildings of the school. A tot We received £1000 (NRs. 140,000: exchange rate £1 = NRs140) and NRs. 70,000 from the Laxmi Bank.

There were three storage tanks and 6 new tap stands were installed to provide drinking water facilities to all students. In addition, the old drinking water tap stand platform were made functional by connecting them with the new supply system.

Donation received from Laxmi bank was spent to buy 1 number of 5000 litres and 2 numbers 4 layers 2000 litres storage tanks. Similarily donation received from the Columba Community was spent to buy a sanitary pad vending machines, faucets, water pump pipe & fittings etc. The project was completed and handed over to the school on 1st June 2023.

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